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All rates listed above are base rates. Additional charges may apply based on your specific request and my preparation time. A 25 to 50% deposit is required to secure your session.

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In-Person Sessions

  • 1 Hour Brief Encounter (Ideal for a quick exploration or rekindling of your submissive tendencies): $350

  • 1.5 Hour Introduction (Explore the realm of BDSM, perfect for novices): $500

  • 2 Hour Immersion (Delve deeper into your desires and fantasies): $650

  • 3 Hour Journey (Unearth the nuances of your submission and savor the experience): $970

  • 4 Hour Voyage (An epic adventure into your deepest desires): $1300

  • 6 Hours Half-Day Immersion (A comprehensive experience ):1900

  • 1 Hour (2-Domme Session Experience the pleasure and thrill of serving two Dommes): $700

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Shopping Trip/Dinner Engagements. 

this does not include cost of dinner. 

  • 1 Hour Brief Trip (Short and sweet): $200

  • 2 Hour Shopping Spree (Expand your wardrobe under my guidance): $375

  • 3 Hour Dinner Engagement (Engage in stimulating conversation over a meal): $550

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Virtual Sessions

  • 15 Minute Quick Connect (A fast-paced session for instant gratification): $60

  • 30 Minute Teaser (A taste of the virtual BDSM world): $120

  • 45 Minute Intensity (Explore deeper virtual submission): $180

  • 1 Hour Total Immersion (Fully surrender to the virtual experience): $240


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Possible Additional Charges

  • complex fetish requests:These can incur an additional $50 to $100 depending on the complexity and preparation time required.

  • Location-specific requests: If I'm required to travel to specific locations outside my usual areas, a travel fee ($50+ depending on distance) will be applied.

  • Special equipment or wardrobe: Sessions requiring special equipment or particular attire that i do not already own may have additional costs ($50+ depending on the item).

  • Multiple Domme Sessions: If you wish for a session involving more than one dominatrix, the hourly rate will be multiplied by the number of dommes involved.

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