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  1.  Respect is required while in My presence 

  2. Ensure the session request form is filled out correctly and completely. I will ignore all requests not filled out properly.

  3. you must be vaccinated against covid 19 or take a rapid test the morning of our session. 

    • if you do not have access to a rapid covid test, I can provide you with one for $50 and it will cut into our time together. ​

  4. Make a good first impression and show up on time, well-groomed and with good manners.​

  5. I do not offer any other type of showers except golden showers. 

  6. I do not offer any services that end with "job"

  7. There will always be a clothing barrier between you and I, no nude sessions. 

  8. Sexual services including but not limited to kissing, nude facesitting/ ‘Goddess worship’ are NOT offered.

  9. No Blackmail and other play that non-consensually involves other parties

  10.  After screening, a deposit is required to confirm session logistics. 

    • if you do not have any references, a deposit of 50% is required. ​

    • if you have references, a deposit of 25% is required. 

  11. A 24-to-48-hour notice is required for new clients 

  12.  The deposit is nonrefundable if appointment is canceled less than 24 hours before. In case of an emergency, the deposit can be used toward a future session.  

- nerdy dominatrix

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