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Head Shaving Fetish(Trichophilia Fetish Discovery): Unlocking new fetishes

Updated: Jul 18

Every now and again, I find myself discovering fetishes I never realized I will ever be into.

Recently I found out I am into Trichophilia. This fetish is often associated with BDSM and power play, as the person who shaves the head is typically seen as the dominant partner, while the person whose head is shaved is seen as the submissive partner.

Head shaving fetish can involve a variety of different activities and practices, including the use of razors, clippers, scissors, or other tools to shave the head. Some people may enjoy the sensation of the blade against their scalp, while others may find the process of losing their hair to be a form of submission or surrender. In some cases, head shaving fetish may also involve the shaving of other body parts, such as the face, chest, or pubic area.

There is a certain level of trust that comes with that. Imagine giving yourself over to another as they stand over you with a shaving razor, clippers or shears knowing that can do with your body hair as the please or use it on rather delicate parts of you. Will they have your eyebrows off? your pits with a straight razor? give you a bowl cut? shave the middle of your head? give you a half shaven head? cut a little too close to your balls?

I bet you would enjoy being told to shave your head as a form of punishment or surrender, or might enjoy being forced to wear a wig or other hairpiece that is embarrassing or demeaning. The use of hair in humiliation might involve the use of scissors or other tools to cut or style the hair in a way that is intended to belittle or mock a submissive. I realized there is fear play elements as well as humiliation and sensuality that comes with it. I thrive on that mixture. I am so excited to see what fetishes I unlock next.

#Trichophilia Fetish Discovery

which of your fetishes did you recently discover?

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