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This list merely skims the surface of the myriad of kinks I enjoy. If you find your particular desire unmentioned, don't hesitate to reach out directly. We can always delve deeper and explore uncharted territories together.
1. Chastity, Orgasm Control, Tease and Denial: Let's play with the tantalizing dance of desire and restraint.
2. Corporal Punishment, Impact, Flagellation: Surrender to the thrill of discipline and physical impact.
3. Ball Busting, CBT: An intriguing focus on the raw sensation and stimulation of your most intimate areas.
4. Foot Worship, Trampling, Boot and Shoe Worship: Lose yourself in a reverie of adoration for my enchanting feet.
5. Bondage, Leather, Predicament, Suspension, Mummification, Straight Jacket, and Sleep Sack: Experience the delicious thrill of complete restraint.
6. Humiliation, Verbal Humiliation, SPH: Embark on a journey of playful degradation and surrender.
7. Smothering, Watersports: Dive into a world of pressure, suffocation, and the intimate exploration of bodily fluids.
8. Electro Play (Violet Wand, TENS Unit, Tazapper, E-Stim Devices): Light up your senses with electrifying play.
9. Role Play, Religious, Military, Interrogation: Assume a new role and explore intriguing power dynamics.
10. Sensation Play, Temperature Play, Fire and Ice Sensations: Indulge in the exotic play of sensations, hot and cold.
11. Sensual Domination, Feather Tickling, Light Touches: Savor a gentler side of domination, tantalizing your senses.
12. Needle Play, Fire Play, Knife Play: Dare to push your boundaries with more intense forms of sensation.
13. Forced Feminization, Cross-dressing Transformation: Embrace the beauty of femininity and explore playful gender roles.
14. Medical Play, Examinations: Submit to the power dynamics of medical scenarios.
15. Forced Bi, Forced Bi/Cuckolding: Venture into the exciting dynamics of bisexual exploration.
16. Financial Domination: Experience power exchange through financial control.
17. Mind Control, Manipulation, Mind Games, Psychological Domination, Sensory Deprivation: Succumb to the intriguing play of psychological control.
18. Objectification, Human Furniture: Relinquish your human status and be used for my amusement.
19. Primal Play: Unleash your animal instincts in a primal power dynamic.
20. D/s Training and Protocol: Engage in the structured training within a D/s dynamic.
21. Edge play: Dance on the knife-edge of excitement and suspense.
I also offer multi-Domme sessions and professional sub sessions.
Of course, there are some hard limits: anything that ends in “job,” sexual services including but not limited to kissing, nude facesitting/‘Goddess worship,’ and any non-consensual play involving other parties. 
Remember, a token of appreciation always brings a smile to my face, and you will find me in a number of San Diego's finest dungeons. 
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