It took me a while to come into my Femdom power. I have possessed the ability to command a room from an early age and people have always had the natural desire to please me.

I take pleasure in laughing while you humiliate yourself to please me, putting you in bondage, controlling you, being a stern and punishing Mistress, and doing with you as I please. you will be delighted for the pleasure of serving Me.  I will laugh with glee while you are subjected to devious deeds. 

I am multilingual, a lover of the ren faire, mocktails, a good, aged scotch, comic con, books, and science in general. 

highly educated with multiple degrees including a masters in a STEM field. ​

BDSM/Femdom is something I practice in my day-to-day life as an active member in my local community

and the founder and host of San Diego Bad Intentions Femdom Events.


All scenes I explored require an element of power exchange. I am a sadist top, a comedic top, a "bully", stern headmistress and all-around dominant Queen. I enjoy exploring new and unique kinks.


My expectation is that you be respectful, eager to please and obedient, as I craft an experience, we will all enjoy.

​ Give into your deepest desires, and I will be your guide.  Your pain is my pleasure

Shoe size: 10 
Height:5'6| Eye colour: Dark brown | Location: San Diego, LA, OC, Fly me to you