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As a professional dominatrix, I possess a deep understanding of the art of control and domination. It brings me great pleasure to guide you on a journey of submission and pleasure, where you can explore your desires and fetishes in a safe and consensual environment. I thrive on pushing you to be the perfect play toy, eagerly begging to please me, as I exercise my skills as a sadistic top, a stern headmistress, a "bully", and an all-around dominant queen. I have a deep love for bondage, electro, and impact sessions, which I am always eager to share with my clients.


Beyond my expertise in BDSM and Femdom, I have a diverse range of interests, including multilingualism, Renaissance fairs, comic cons, books, and science. I hold multiple degrees, including a master's in a STEM field, which has given me a unique perspective on life and the world.


 I am an active member of the BDSM community and the founder and host of San Diego Bad Intentions Femdom Events. In all my sessions, I prioritize mutual respect, trust, and communication, creating a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for both of us. Whether you are new to the scene or an experienced player, I cater to a wide range of desires and kinks, ensuring that you feel comfortable and satisfied throughout our time together.

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